I'm Back!

Okay, so after a week of being in limbo, I've managed to procure a smaller apartment for us. The move is going well, and while Mrs. Smeagol and the baby are at work today, I've just now finished moving and setting up the Command Center.

Head Radio: Chapter 5

The holidays are always a stressful time; family getting together, food, shopping, parties to attend, end of the year work nonsense to deal with, (seriously, who ever thought that December would be a good time for life and health insurance paperwork, when money is already stretched thin enough to scream,) and about a…


About the new Thor...

Okay, so I'm subbing for a graphic novel class this mod, and I've got a stack of comics that I hand out in class every week. One of them is the Marvel Essential Mighty Thor, vol. 1. Now, I had never read Donald Blake's introduction before, so I figured I'd take the ten weeks to read through the whole collection.