So here's a couple of early shots from my TARDIS build in Minecraft. I made sure to generate a world that looked like an English quarry, because why not.

There's a LOT of tedious programming to make sure the thing is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside, plus a lot of lag because of the aforementioned programming... but by gum, by the time I am done, I will have a flawlessly functioning TARDIS in this sucker. My next step is to finish building the console room and programming the console itself to ask for an input destination. (I'm thinking of programming in a margin of error so that it doesn't always spit you out in the right place, and maybe programming in a random time of day command as well, so it seems as if you've traveled in time.)


Rather than rely on mod packs to do the heavy lifting for me, I'm doing this in Vanilla Minecraft, with redstone and command blocks, the way our lord Notch intended!


Console room finished! Now with 100% more Round Things. Love the Round Things!


And lastly, here's a video, showing how the whole thing works. For some reason it came out really jerky; usually VLC records smoothly for me, but I guess today was not that day.