So my old boss called me up out of the blue to tell me that the college is looking to get a teacher into a local high school for an as-yet unspecified art program, as part of an extra-curricular course (which means no pesky teaching credential needed!)

He doesn't know what it is, where it is, what it pays, or much else, but he did call me first! I'd be an ambassador for the college, so obviously I'd have to be on my very best behavior (which is fine by me; I can mind my Ps and Qs for a paycheck,) with the hope that I could encourage the students to seek out the college experience for themselves once they graduate.


Now, I happen to know a thing or two about entertaining and informing a student audience, and I'm pretty confident that I can put positive thoughts in their head about the university.

Also, the university might be switching from a ten-week to a five-week course schedule in February, and those of us who were let go are on the short list for adjunct work. So, not a bad gig, really; thought there wouldn't be health or life insurance benefits, there would be a paycheck, so that's a positive.

I'll keep you all updated as things develop, and happy 2015!