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So, not much going on in this episode, even though it was a major plot episode. Let's recount the things we know:

1. Slade has to lose his eye. Apparently to every single person in the multiverse.


2. The big Jason reveal wasn't particularly surprising, given how much they've been teasing it over the course of the series. Good costume, though.

3. Dick's suit seems to have gone the way of the Arkham video games. Physical upgrades via...what, wifi? Sure, why not... Although I imagine that far out in the boonies, it's going to chew through your 4g data plan something awful.

4. Fan budget is fan budget. Nice special effects for what they are, but maybe don't have your zipline jerk you out of the frame so fast next time. All I could think was how that would have completely dislocated half of his ribs and spine.