Okay, so I don't like to share personal stuff online, since I went crazy about two years ago and overshared on a particular site and made a royal ass of myself, but this is just something that I need to vent about, so if you want to read, please do so, and if not, here are some cute puppies to watch. Drama after the jump.

Okay, so here goes.

For quite a while now, the university that I work at has had problems with the graphics department, which I teach in. The graphics department had been doing fine, but about three years ago, the Powers That Be decided that in order to be more competitive in the market, we needed to change our graphics core from traditional and digital-based graphics to Web design exclusive... and so launched the Web Graphics Core, an abomination that was rushed into the classroom without the proper time needed to write a good curriculum, against the strong warnings of EVERYONE in the graphics department.


A year later, to absolutely no one's surprise, the dream was dead. Student attrition had skyrocketed, our 98% job placement rate was just a fond memory of the past, and the graphs and charts in the quarterly meetings were steadily plummeting to apocalyptic levels for our department.

In order to try to put out some of the outlying fires (while the core was still flaming in the background) they closed down my campus in San Marcos. Luckily, my boss and I got folded into the main San Diego campus and kept our jobs.

Fast forward a year later, and the final Web Graphics Core student was taught out, and my boss and I were loaned out to the gaming department to teach them game graphics while the administration got together to figure out what to do with the graphics department staff.

Many many meetings later, we proposed a new graphics core, a robust return to the curriculum of old with a lot of new expansions. We got the greenlight and we all worked like mad to write it all out in six months.


We had a LOT of really great talent working on the thing. Finally, we submitted the plan and the curriculum to the Powers The Be, they held meetings with the deans and accounting and gave us the stamp of approval.

I personally wrote the new drawing class, something I was so very proud of. I requested a dozen drafting tables and they just got installed this morning in the lab and in my classroom.


Then, our department's supervisor came around and grabbed all of us and took us outside in the rain to tell us the bad news:

On Thursday, the Powers That Be are meeting a final time to determine if they're going to lay off the entire graphics department. I'd say we have about a 98% chance of all being jobless come Christmas.


Why is this, you ask? Everything seemed to be going so well?

Well, yes, it was, except the Marketing and Admissions department is both lazy and incompetent and have not followed through on their mission to GET US SOME FUCKING STUDENTS FOR THE GRAPHICS CORE WE ALL WORKED OUR ASSES OFF ON.


Classes start the first week of January. We have NO students enrolled. Not a single solitary one.

Now, I have to sit on MY hands until Thursday, when I learn whether I still have a job or not (which I have held down for five years and was perfectly happy to remain at until I was old and toothless) and in the meantime I have to put a smile on my face and pretend to my wife that nothing is bothering me, when in fact all I can think about is that we're going to lose our apartment, we're going to have to move in with her parents, we're going to lose our healthcare coverage, and our baby is going to have to grow up shuffled from one shabby apartment to the next, never seeing me again as I scrape by at whatever five jobs I can find.


So yeah, that's what's on my plate right now.

I get that I'm possibly being a little doom-and-gloomy, but FUCK, did I not need this in my life right now.